Monday, March 10, 2014


 Our first full day in Tokyo was packed full. We started off the day by visiting the Tokyo Sky Tree which at one time was the highest free standing structure in the world sitting at a staggering height of 2,080 feet. The view from atop was breathtaking, unlike much of the continental United States which is expansive with much open land Tokyo is a clutter of civilization with a population of 13.23 million people, that’s nearly double the total population of all of North Carolina! Looking out from the Sky Tree was probably the neatest opportunity and I would highly recommend anyone visiting Tokyo to visit the tower.
View from atop the Tokyo Sky Tree

Shadow of the tower cast over the city

  The Sky tree took longer than expected, because of this we had to push visiting Shibuya Crossing until Thursday. If you’re unsure of what exactly Shibuya is, look it up, it would be too difficult to explain in this blog. Tune in later on this week and I’ll have some photos of Shibuya put up. Following the Tokyo Sky Tree the group went to visit the electronic district, neon signs lining the streets everywhere you look. The district was illuminated and vaguely resembled Time Square New York except on a grander scale.
Student Theo Zatterstrom posing in front of the electronic district

  The last stop of the day was at Akihabara, which is an intriguing place attracting crowds in the thousands. Those of us in the group that were anime enthusiasts were in heaven. People on the streets dressed as their favorite characters, girls dressed in very flattering dresses and numerous other odd customs. The stores, as one student very accurately described it were similar to that of a flea market with rows upon rows of anything imaginable.
Students Liz Renteria and Morgan King

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