Saturday, March 8, 2014


Everyone is wiped out from the relenting flight over here, summing up to fourteen some hours crammed together in plane cabins. It was truly an eye opening experience realizing the vastness of our own country as we flew a 7,000 mile journey through the Northeastern United States into Canada and over Alaska. The landscapes were covered in snow, the ones for which we could catch a glimpse of and much time over the Pacific and Bering Sea. The time change really screwed up everyone`s internal clock. Truthfully, I still don`t know what today is being ten hours ahead or behind? We will be going out touring the area around the Hostel today, some students chose to have a look around last night while others crashed in their bunks. Planning on having a full day of shooting today so hopefully I`ll get some shots up later on.


  1. Eli, Thanks so much for the update and I'm looking forward to your blog posts AND your wonderful photography!

    Dr. Pamela Thompson

  2. Those long flights are a bear, and you're a lot taller than I am. Glad you got there safe. Love ya, Mom